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Once grill temperature reaches Med-High range, carefully place shrimp perpendicular to direction of grates on part of grill farthest from heat. They will cook gently for up to 4–6 minutes per side. Once fully cooked, best served warm.

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Addendum 8/7/22

Smoked Shrimp

I just recently had the occasion to prepare Smoked Shrimp for a small gathering. This technique is especially great when using Smaller Count Shrimp (21+) to avoid them falling through the grates. Same ingredients as above, but instead of putting directly on grill, they are placed in a small Aluminum Pan or Grill Safe Pot.



Add Shrimp to Pan

Remove Moisture with Clean or Paper Towel

Spray with Cooking Oil

Add Choice of Spices

Place Pan on Indirect Heat side of Smoker, until Shrimp’s colors reach White and Pink doneness level.

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