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Offering Private Online Remote Cooking Lessons and BBQ Coaching

Chef Mick Smoked Whitefish and Vegetables Platter
Chef Mick Smoked Whitefish and Vegetables Platter

Affordable Private Cooking Lessons

Remote Online or LA Metro Area



40 Minute Remote Cooking Sessions start at Only $39.99*


Butter Lettuce Grilled Tacos
SIZZLE! Butter Lettuce Grilled Tacos

Local or Remote Cooking Lessons from your Home Kitchen or Grill.

Chef Mick at Marcondas Meats
Chef Mick at Marcondas Meats at Los Angeles Farmer’s Market with Lou and son Tyler. (2022)

*Proceeds to benefit the nonprofit BBQ RESCUES! Foundation.

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Tomato Caesar Salad Homemade Croutons
Tomato Caesar Salad Homemade Croutons

Beyond Grilling- Chef Mick has taken Culinary journeys and Cooking Classes all over the world. Other Specialties include Homemade Pizza, Pasta, Better Burgers, Mexican, French, Italian, Asian, South American and Greek Delights. Also a wide range of Southern American, Cajun, Soul Food and Comfort Food selections. Special attention to Healthy and Tasty substitutions based on Allergies and Eating Disciplines including Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Low Fat, Low Calories, Low Carb, Sugar and Salt preferences. Can even help cook with people on Raw Food Diets.

Chef Mick in Voyager Magazine
Chef Mick in Voyager Magazine


Seafood Grilled Vegetable Paella
Seafood Grilled Vegetable Paella



Remote 40 Minute Session Includes Choice of either:


A. BASIC RECIPE/TECHNIQUE Consultation– Recommended Orientation Session takes place in your Kitchen where we cover Appliances Tips, Pantry Planning and Recipe Development

B. PRACTICE COOKING SESSION– Best taken after having completed A BASIC RECIPE/TECHNIQUE Consultation. Chef Mick will recommend an Appliance to cook your CHOSEN MEAL PLAN* within a 40 Minute timeframe. Clients are responsible for completing All Recommend Prep in Advance of Session Start Time (or No Refunds will be available).

*CHOSEN MEAL PLAN is custom developed for each Client based on available Appliances, Requested Recipe and Cooking Speciality listed above.