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Chef Mick Elizabeth Falkner
Chef Mick meets fellow judge Chef Elizabeth Falkner at 2018 World Food Championships for a workshop on Cooking for People with Allergies.



Every single day, I am amazed by the many new Chefs I am interacting with from all over the world, on various Social Media platforms. From Backyard Grillers, to Restaurant Owners, Michelin Star Chefs, and a couple of Culinary Folks you may have heard of.

This ongoing conversation about Food began a long time ago with Smoke Signals. Friendly Tribes would burn fires so their neighbors would know that they were having a BBQ. Smoke Signals were also used to let folks know whether there was going be enough Food to share. The solution? Not so simple. They must have developed a sophisticated “Morris Code” style system to announce what was on the Menu and which Tribes were invited as Guests and which would be met with rocks.

Later, they discovered how to use a different set of signals for burning fires to warn that inhumanity was on the way, from violent invaders. But that’s a different story. This wasn’t sparked because someone doused too much Garlic on the Grilled Armadillo. OK?

[Food Connection: The Story– To Be Continued]

Chef's Plate at Chef's Roll
September 2015. Chef Mick group shot at Orange County Chef’s Plate event sponsored by Chef’s Roll.

Denny Mike

So this chef I know named Denny Mike is always talking about these seasonings he makes called, …well DennyMikes Seasonings. His thoughtfully curated line of spice blends range on the SIZZLE! level from Mild to Cowbell Hell. As my Cooking Client’s know, I tend to go for maximum flavor whether it be for Grilled Vegetable Appetizers, Smoked Caesar Salad, Mesquite Chicken or Juicy BBQ Back Ribs. I use a combination of Spices and Herbs that I have discovered from tasting dishes prepared by Chefs around the world.

One particular Spice Blend that I must admit I may have become a little obsessed with is called FINTASTIC. DennyMike insists that it is made for Seafood. I respectfully disagree. I put this “Shtuff” on Everything! Sorry “Sea-World“, but this combination of fresh dried Onion, Garlic and Herbs tastes amazing on a wide variety of Meats, Vegetarian Dishes and Sauces.


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My friend Michelle Mazzara and I go way back. She has had my back ever since I first launched the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation back in 2015. Her small manufacturing company is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and she has become somewhat of a media darling. A little bird told me that her products will soon be available at HyVee grocery stores, around Minnesota. Stepping a little bit out of her shell, Michelle volunteered to be in the cast of our first SIZZLE! project America’s Best Home Recipes. I hope finally meet her in person one of these days.

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