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America’s Best Home Recipes’ Ultimate Father’s Day Brunch- Eggs and Salmon

Chef Indiana Mike’s Monster Burger Wins for Memorial Day Episode of ABHR
Chef Mick Brown Marielle Hadid
Chef Mick with Marielle Hadid at Kids’ Birthday BBQ

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – June 12, 2022 – PRLog — What’s up with Marielle Hadid? Really? The educational component to BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s competition was supposed to be about including something for Vegans at every holiday celebration. Or- Why vegetarian Cousin Abigale won’t eat the Grilled Corn cooked on the meat covered grates? Why she won’t just pick the Fatback out of the BBQ Beans to make them Vegetarian or eat Mayo based Coleslaw and Potato Salad. So May’s press release featured famous Vegans Redfoo (from LMFAO) and recording artist Jasmine Alkouri in the lead photo.

Chef Mick, Redfoo, Jasmine Alkouri
Chef Mick prepares Vegan Thanksgiving BBQ for Redfoo (LMFAO) and recording artist Jasmine Alkouri.

Then something happened. As the Recipes were (thankfully) shared by small news outlets around the world, a significant number of papers chose to lead with the photo of talented Interior Designer Marielle Hadid. True- her famous supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi are presumably into veggies, but what does that have to do with Memorial Day? One of Chef Mick’s favorite memories was doing a Kids’ BBQ for Marielle. Her dad, famous Bel Air Realtor Mohammed Hadid, handed over his cellphone and asked the caterer to take a photo of him and grandson Colton cutting the Birthday cake. Instead, Chef Mick hit the Record Button and made it into a short video. Hope the family still has a copy to cherish as Father’s Day approaches.

Still- What’s Up with Marielle Hadid? The investigation continues. In other news, Chef Indiana Mike’s Monster Burger barely edged out Chef LuvaMichelle’s Pico De Gallo Burger and Chef Mary Extraordinary’s Grilled Shrimp Coleslaw to win the Championship for America’s Best Home Recipes Memorial Day. Chef Playmeite walked away with Best Side Dish honors for her Vegan Distraction Rainbow Pasta (Happy June Pride Month!).  She visited from San Diego on the holiday and won over a small party of omnivores with her vegan delight. Also, a picture of Chef Playmeite on the balcony of Chef Mick’s Los Feliz home is becoming sort of iconic.

Fathers Day Eggs & Salmon (For 2)

Eggs and Salmon Scramble
Eggs and Salmon Scramble

1 Cup Fresh Salmon (Chopped in Large Chunks)
1 Cup Mixture Fresh Diced Onions and Bell Peppers
4 Tablespoons of Favorite Spice Blend (Or mix of dry Garlic, Dill, Oregano and Onion Powder)
4 Eggs (Beaten with Salt and Pepper to Taste)

Saute’ Onions and Peppers in Olive Oil and/or Butter. Season Salmon chunks, add to pan and cook gently until light pink. Add Eggs slowly, incorporating with all other ingredients. Once fluffy, spoon Eggs and Salmon into buttered Mold (can be Large Coffee Cup or Small Bowl). Flip over on Plate and Garnish with Fresh Dill (optional). [Vegetarian Version- Substitute Mushroom or Eggplant]

Chef Mick plans to be at Original Farmers Market Los Angeles today (Sunday June 12) at Marcondas Meats around Noon. He will be doing Dad Photo-Ops and cooking 4th of July Samples with his favorite Father/Son Butcher team Lou and Tyler.


America’s BEST Home Recipes- Memorial Day (Full Episode) 

Salmon and Eggs Recipe Video



“America’s BEST Home Recipes” Memorial Day 2022 Holiday Recipe Ideas

Chef Mick’s 7th Food Network Anniversary of “Cutthroat Kitchen” Grilling Champion

Chef Mick prepares Vegan Thanksgiving dishes for Redfoo (LMFAO) and Recording Artist Jasmine Alkouri


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – May 29, 2022 – PRLog — Momentum has been building towards the exciting Holiday Weekend conclusion of America’s BEST Home Recipes, a show hoping to become “America’s #1 Favorite Distraction.” It started with a farmer from Carlisle, Indiana whose BBQ Shack was destroyed by a storm, awarding winning restauranteur/caterer Chef Indiana Mike. Like a strong wind from the East, Chef LuvaMichelle was on local Minnesota CBS News Affiliate WCCO. In San Antonio, amateur Chef Mary Extraordinary has the record for local media interest. Finally, San Diego’s Chef PlayMeit received America’s BEST Home Recipes’ award for “#1 Distraction 2022”.

Chef Mick with Oscar Nominated Actor John C. Reilly, both annual supporters of Bootleg Dance Theatre in Los Angeles

The final recipes include a Pro Chef Grilled Burger Battle. LuvaMichelle’s Smokehouse Pico De Gallo Burger is a zesty delight with salsa mixed into the burger mixture. Chef Indiana Mike’s Monster Burger is a regional award-winning favorite with a 1/2 Pound Burger between two fresh Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Seven years after the world watched him get handcuffed by Alton Brown, Chef Mick celebrates the big anniversary by dedicating the first show of his new platform to friends. He won for Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s first BBQ themed episode of Cutthroat Kitchen in May 2015 (Season 8, Episode 3). The past seven years have been devoted to managing the nonprofit BBQ RESCUES! Foundation and catering to a few entertainment industry clients.

Chef Mick with International Pop Sensation Rita Ora at her post Awards Show hosting BBQ

With the new project Sizzle with Chef Mick, he plans to expand into additional areas of interest. For example, the America’s BEST Home Recipes is also a challenge for participants to grow thier social media skills. Chef Mick has simultaneously moved into the Top 10 Finalists for Yoder Smoker’s current Char Champion competition to benefit the James Beard FoundationFree Voting ends on June 2nd.

Amateur Chefs are working on the best new BBQ Holiday Side Dishes. Chef Mary Extraordinary’s Grilled Shrimp Coleslaw, a spin on “Surf N Turf “, can be made with a Mayo based, Shrimp Cocktail or Fish Sauce. It could also be made vegetarian if she borrowed an ingredient from competitor Chef Playmeit’s Vegan Distraction Rainbow Pasta, which features Grilled Vegetables and colorful pasta in Tomato, Pesto or Garlic Sauces.

Chef Mick with Chef Elizabeth Falkner at “Cooking for People with Food Allergies” symposium while at the World Food Championships, where he was invited to judge in 2018.

Rather than shepherding people to a remote platform for voting, the producers have set up a system for fans to support their favorite Chefs on Facebook and Instagram by using hashtags. The overnight audit of “votes” will end at 12:00pm Noon (EST) on May 30th, Memorial Day.

Chef Mick with Marielle Hadid at her Kids’ Birthday BBQ

America’s BEST Home Recipes Finals Video


The Winner will be announced on the America’s Best Home Recipes website around 3:00pm EST (12:00 Noon PST on the West Coast). BBQ RESCUES! Foundation sponsor DennyMike’s Seasonings is preparing a unique holiday message to be premiered during the Championship Results episode to be released on Monday.

America’s Best Home Recipes’ Semi-Finalist Minnesota Chef Michelle Mazzara Making News

Watch for Cooking Segment Wednesday May, 18th on WCCO’s Midmorning Show

#LuvAMichelle with Linval Joseph of the Vikings
Chef Michelle Mazzara (#ChefLuvAMichelle) with Vikings star Linval Joseph

#LuvAMichelle with Linval Joseph of the Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS – May 16, 2022 — There are several things you can never say about Minnesota Chef Michelle Mazzara. Never say she is not one of the hardest working Foodies around. Between running a national spice business (an official sponsor of Super Bowl LII) and hosting live streaming shows on LinkedIn, there aren’t enough minutes in a day. Also- never say she isn’t up to a challenge. As a Semi-Finalist in the premiere season of America’s Best Home Recipes (ABHR), Chef “#LuvAMichelle” promises to deliver the ultimate recipe for this upcoming Memorial Day.

Another thing you can’t say is that Chef Michelle is a newcomer to TV News. Since 2014, she has appeared as a guest on networks around the country. Her next appearance is coming on Wednesday, May 18th in a special Memorial Day cooking segment on WCCO’s Midmorning Show (approximately 9:00-10:00am CST). She will preview a variety of holiday recipes (including the one to be featured on ABHR?).

The Minnesota native spends most days tending to the needs of her locally grown spice company, Luvafoodie ( Launched in 2014, when it is not sponsoring football games, the brand is available at Hy-Vee, other grocery retailers, as well as online on Walmart and Amazon. She and Chef Mick met online years ago, and have always supported each other’s endeavors. They both also approach Social Media the old fashioned way- as a means to establish true connections with customers and other professionals in your field. Chef Michelle posts on a wide variety of themes, daily on several platforms.

In the Pro Bracket of America’s Best Home Recipes- Memorial Day edition, Chef Michelle (#ChefLuvAMichelle) will face off with award winning Indiana Chef Mick Regan (#ChefIndianaMike) for Best Burger. The victor will then face the Amateur Chef Bracket winner in the Finals. Episodes will be available on website, Vimeo, YouTube among other platforms TBA.

Stay tuned for ABHR updates as Amateur Chef Semi-Finalists are announced this week.



Indiana’s Chef Mike Regan Named Semi-Finalist for Memorial Day America’s Best Home Recipes Contest

Chef Mick Launches #GotGrill? and #Yoder #CharChampion Campaigns to Help Replace Storm Damaged Smokers That Destroyed Local BBQ Business

Maybe this third time will be “a charm”? Over the past few years, life for Indiana Chef Mike Regan has felt perilous, like an action packed rollercoaster ride. After winning several local WTHI News Channel “Fork in the Road” food awards, his Rosedale area restaurants enjoyed a huge surge in interest for his signature dishes. The chef’s 14 hour/day schedule ended months later when he woke up one morning with a heart attack.

Round 2. During years of recovery from the attack, he also had to overcome back injuries from falling off of a trailer. Moving to a farm in Carlisle, Indiana Chef Mike cultivates vegetables for the local farmer’s market. He also built an outdoor BBQ Shack to create a steady following for his catering. Career highlight must of been seeing Jim Carrey notching on tacos he served at a party. For charity and for fun, he entertains thousands of followers on his Youtube Dumpster Diving Indiana channel.

Round 3. Then it came un-welcomed and unannounced, a powerful thunderstorm that ravished much of Midwest in December of 2021. Chef Indiana Mike credits low and slow BBQ smoking for potentially saving him from serious injury. The day of the storm, he decided to slow smoke whole chickens, rather than staying at the grill to cook barbecue style. Without any warning or weather advisory, the winds came and leveled the shack and took his BBQ equipment airborne to be damaged.

So the Indiana man has spent most of 2022 slowly rebuilding a steadier BBQ Shack, with some encouragement from Chef Mick and BBQ RESCUES! However, he has been unable to replace the large pellet smokers that his catering business depended on. For America’s Best Home Recipes (Memorial Day Edition), he will be preparing one of his signature dishes.

In the meantime, he has inspired Chef Mick to participate in Yoder Smokers’ Char Champion online fundraiser to benefit the James Beard Foundation. If they win, BBQ RESCUES will donate the Custom Cimarron Smoker Trailer to Indiana Chef Mike. Also, invite him to the “VIP Experience for Two” at the 2022 American Royal World Series of Barbecue. The cash prize would also be nice.

More Semi-Finalists will be announced in the upcoming days for America’s Best Home Recipes. Episodes will be available on Vimeo, Youtube and website

FREE VOTING once a day to help #GotGrill? campaign to win Free #YoderSmoker for Chef Indiana Mike. Also view exclusive, never before seen #SIZZLEPhotoGallery44 featuring Chef Mick and a few Celebrity “Friends”. Event to benefit the #JamesBeardFoundation.


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8 QUESTIONS! Online Game Coming in JUNE 2022


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VOTE NOW Round ends on Thursday May 19th.

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